The difference between release paper and coated paper May 07, 2022

There are many people who don't know the difference between coated paper and release paper. We will explain their differences from the production of coated paper to the process of release paper, and the difference between the two kinds of paper, as well as their uses.

The use of release paper and coated paper

Release paper has various uses such as self-adhesive materials, high-grade double-sided tapes, advertising materials, electronic die-cutting, etc.;

Coated paper is the PE polymer coating onto the surface of the paper to form a coated paper, also called PE coated paper or plastic-coated paper. Compared with ordinary paper, it has waterproof and oil-proof properties. It is mainly used to make food cartons, paper cups, paper bags and packaging, etc. It can also be used as industrial waterproof paper.

The difference between release paper and coated paper

The release paper is coated with a layer of silicone release agent on the basis of the coated paper, and the finished product is called release paper (silicone release paper).

The coated paper is coated with a layer of PE film on the base paper, and the finished product is called PE coated paper; it is mainly used in packaging, food, medical, electronics, hardware, die-cutting, etc.;

The PE coating

The full name of the film is "PE film". There are two types of film: 1. Glossy film, 2. Matt film. The glossy film is a transparent PE film with a bright surface; the matte film is the PE film with a matte surface without gloss.

The thickness and function of PE coating

The thickness of the PE coating is calculated per square meter, and the conventional quantitative of the coating is 10-20 grams per square meter. However, according to the different requirements of use and the purpose of post-processing, the film with appropriate quantitative coating can be selected. Below we introduce several examples of quantitative requirements for films. 1. If it is used for simple waterproof and moisture-proof packaging, then 10 grams of film per square meter can be used; 2. If it is used for gluing, it is recommended to choose 12 -15 grams per square meter of PE film is appropriate; 3. If it is used to make carton and heat sealing (heat sealing), then the thickness of the film needs to be 18-20 grams per square meter.

What are the advantages of PE coated paper?

First of all, ordinary paper is composed of wood fibers and has strong water absorption, so everyone knows that paper absorbs moisture and is afraid of moisture. The PE plastic is uniformly coated on the surface of the paper after being hot-melted by a laminating machine to form a very thin layer of film. Because it is hot-melted on the surface of the paper, the combination is firm and not easy to detach, and the entire process does not use any chemical solvent. , very environmentally friendly, and in the later secondary processing of the packaging, no adhesive is needed, and the PE film is directly used to seal it under hot melt. It is commonly used in food packaging to prevent moisture and oil. The disposable paper cups, hamburger paper bags, melon seed bags, paper lunch boxes, food paper bags, and aviation garbage bags that we see in our daily life are all made of this material.

What are the main industrial uses of PE coated paper?

In terms of industry, coated paper is mainly used for moisture and waterproofing, and is often used to stick on the surface of building materials to prevent moisture from entering the interior of the board. The types of coated paper are mainly divided into: single plastic PE coated paper and double plastic PE coated paper. At the same time, PE coated paper is also the main raw material for the production of plastic release paper. The release paper can be used as a release material after coating silicon on coated paper or some high-density paper. Mainly used in the adhesive industry, where glue is used, anti-adhesive materials must be used.

Why silicone oil is applied to PE coated paper?

Ordinary paper is composed of plant fibers. Generally, the surface of the paper is not smooth and the texture is loose. It is not suitable for direct coating of silicone oil. When the silicone oil is applied, it will directly penetrate into the inside and back of the paper, and the surface of the paper needs to be treated in advance. There are two treatment methods: one is to coat the surface of the paper with plastic to form a thin layer of PE plastic film to form coated paper; the other is to directly treat the surface of the paper to form a high-brightness and smooth surface. , forming glassine paper. There are many varieties of release paper. Compared with release film, the cost is lower and the application is extremely wide. It can be said that release paper is bound to be used wherever pressure-sensitive adhesive is used.

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